Gina R.

“Thank you for building a branch in Michigan! I always go to that place from time to time to visit my relatives but since I cannot stay at their home, I tend to try and find another place to stay in. It is good to know that I can now go to Michigan while staying at the Mason Inn. Whenever I go to Washington, DC, I choose this inn to stay in. This is why I am so thrilled that you are already building a chain in Michigan since I am already familiar with the good services that you offer. I’m happy that you are continuously expanding. I want to congratulate you on your success and thank you for giving us a chance to stay in your amazing inns.”

Diana R.

“I love this Inn so much. It was a great experience to stay at this place on my every vacation and I thank my friends for bringing me here. Now, I know where to stay when I go to Washington and Michigan. Mason Inn never fails to provide me with what I need so I fell in love with it the moment I first stayed at this place. I hope you keep creating more Inns in different places.”

Jason K.

“I have my pet with me all the time and since I live alone, I can’t leave it behind when I go to different cities and countries. That has already become a regular difficulty for me since most of the hotels and inns do not allow pets inside. Thankfully, I found out about the Mason Inn and how they allow the pets inside their place. It was such a great news for me and I can’t believe that I now found a place I can stay in without worrying about my pet getting left behind.”