Q. Where can I find your branch in Michigan? Do you have a full address on your website?
A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us your message. Yes, we do have a full address on our website. You can see it in our location tab on this page. There is a map for every branch which also includes the full address of each one in every area.

Q. Hi! I was wondering if we can book a room in your inn through your website. Do you accept reservations online?
A. Hello, thank you very much for sending your question to us. Yes, you can book a room in our inn through our website. We are going to accommodate you as long as our rooms are not fully booked. Just fill-up the information sheet you can find here on our website and sent it back to us for our reference.

Q. Hello! Do you consider building another branch near or in Los Angeles? It would be great to check in to your place here in Los Angeles.
A. Hi, thank you for messaging us. We have other chains coming up soon but we haven’t actually thought of putting up a branch of Mason Inn in Los Angeles yet.

Q. When will your next branch be opened?
A. Hi! Thank you for your message and interest in our Inn. The next branch will open in the second quarter of the next year so please watch out for them. We are going to announce them here soon.

Q. Is it true we can bring pets at Mason Inn and we can stroll with them in the morning and evening?
A. Hello, thank you for sending us your question. Yes, it is true that your pets are allowed in the inn. We also do have specific times when you can stroll with them in the morning and evening. Your pets are also allowed to play at the park and fields if you like.