Mason Inn was originally built in Washington, DC to accommodate visitors and tourists in the area. Everything went smoothly for the business and as time went by and we received a tremendous amount of great reviews. The demands for our inn skyrocketed which pushed us to build different chains in other places. One by one, like mushrooms, our inn made their appearances in many different states in the United States. But that is not where it ended because we are planning now to even go beyond it. Thanks to the people who supported us and encouraged us all this time. Now, it is now possible for you to visit our place and be our guest if you are staying in Michigan, Chicago, and in other cities.

We never thought it would be possible for us to do this and we wouldn’t have done this without the people who kept supporting and trusting our company. We are happy to know that many people really love our services and the offers we have with Mason Inn. The team only started this as a small business and we never actually thought that we will get to where we are now – trusted by many people in different places and is in-demand no matter where our branch is located. At present, we have now successfully created more chains in different places we are proud to say that there will be more. We are in constant expansion so as not to break the momentum.

It Mason Inn’s duty to create a place for you to stay in and not just any kind but something that we can be proud of. We want to make you feel comfortable in our place and welcome you with the warmth that will make you feel happy and satisfied. Mason Inn is very proud of our offers to our customers but we know we can still improve for the better and that is what we are doing right now.